I started working when I was 13 years old, bussing tables after school and ball practice.

By the time I had arrived in my teens, my family life was a full on hot mess and the end result was I became a workaholic at an early age. I wore my hard work and resulting growing resume (I had one by the time I was 16) like a badge of honor.

Two decades later I found myself in the “job of a lifetime” exhausted, broken-hearted in defeat, and a string of physical ailments I couldn’t shake. I also found myself on my knees and looking UP. Within a year, I left that job, moved back to the city full-time, co-founded a firm in a brand new industry. I should have been happy….right?? Wrong. The problem is that when you leave the fire for the frying pan you have done nothing more than changed your geography. I have spent the past four years quite literally learning how to Rise Up.

So…here I am going to share all the things I have learned, failed at spectacularly, and discovered along the way….13 to 46. I will be as vulnerable and transparent as I dare while protecting the innocent (and not so innocent). The truth is that we all have a lot to learn about how to lead others well, and I have discovered it starts by allowing ourselves to be led well.

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